What’s a ‘New Symbolization’ in the first place?
We are your friendly local anti-capitalist egalitarians seeking to critique, undermine, and outgrow capitalist realism and reactionary discourses. 
Capitalist realism: Capitalist realists do whatever necessary to maintain this futureless status quo, usually by ignoring rising resource scarcity, pollution, refugee crises, automation, and institutionalized inequality, or the people like us who point these out.
Reactionaries: Reactionaries fight to return us to a romanticized past state of affairs. They often claim nothing ever really changes, then insist everything is getting worse, and then encourage you to do nothing or join a struggle to go back to some previous way, which is usually pretty racist, sexist, and nationalistic.
New Symbolization: A symbolization is a way that a society and culture, in its political, religious, linguistic, and economic infrastructure, is fundamentally organized. How do we relate to one another and the Earth? That’s our symbolization. We are part of a growing movement to imagine, articulate, and practice new ways of being in the world, with the goal of coming to a more egalitarian new symbolization. We don’t have the answers, but we’re also convinced no one else does either. The goal is to engage in this search.
A Movement: This is not a one club project. This is a multi-generational project that is incumbent upon us all. In a world of rising automation, resource scarcity, and institutional enforced inequality, we have to find new ways of collaborating and resisting the trends that divide and oppress the majority of wealth creators (workers and marginalized peoples) on this Earth.
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